Digital solutions for healthcare platforms serving providers, payers, patients and consumers.

Apple and Android Ready

Key Features that Empower Communities on Healthcare Platforms

SaaS Tools, App & Dashboards, APIs, Automation and Data Aggregation

Opperationalizing User Interactions, Growth and Transactions for Digital Platforms

Igniting the Flywheel between
Sellers. Buyers. Consumers

Enabling interactions between sellers and buyers that ignite the flywheel of activity that leads to transactional revenue.

Medical QR Code: Enroll, Onboard and Share Safely


Patient Empowerment is here

Enable, Empower, and Simplify: Customer Onboarding

Core benefits for employees and their families

  • Simplify the language of wellness living.
  • Make it easy to learn digital health.
  • Get answers to medical questions.
  • Book appointments.
  • Recover faster.
  • Save time and money.

Enabling a Wellness Lifestyle: Creating Human Connections

Take Control of Your Health & Wellness Lifestyle

  • Learn
  • Discover
  • Explore
  • Interact engage
  • Share / review

Empowering Users: Prevent, Manage and Interact

Learn tips, how to's and much more from experts.

  • Constant feed of original, curated and featured content.
  • User reviewed and rated.
  • Relevant subject matter.
  • Pre-established learning paths.
  • Interactive.
  • Easy to personalize.

Accessible Medical Care: Buy with Confidence

Research, Compare, Save

  • Transparency
  • Easy to compare information
  • Price is the same for any provider
  • Improved access to treatment and recovery information.

Empowering Prescription Management: Find, Compare & Transfer

Find, Compare and Transfer

  • Easy to compare pricing
  • Easy to transfer prescription
  • Integrated with PBM / PBA data feed

Case Study: Digital Platform Model and Wireframing

See how our customers are enabling their healthcare businesses to join the digital healthcare revolution.

Case Study #1 Provider Market

Client with a robust provider network was looking for a solution partner to digitaize their supply-side inventory and begin the process of generating reputation and identity in the market.

Coming Soon...

Case Study #2 Employer Market

Client with a successful DTE (direct-to-employer) health program portfolio needed a way to move their business onto a digital platform where their customers could review and enroll in programs and digitize employee engagement.

Coming Soon...

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